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ACCLAIM – Automated Cabin and Cargo Lining and Hatrack Installation Method


Automated Cabin and Cargo Assembly Processes for Passenger Aircraft

ACCLAIM aims to automate cabin and cargo assembly processes for large passenger aircraft. The project will design new lining and hatrack parts as well as developing the connecting systems for the automated joining process and the automated systems for handling and installing those parts. Furthermore, the project work also includes development of virtual reality (VR) based assembly planning and an augmented reality (AR) process environment. The overall Clean Sky 2 project ACCLAIM is led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM who is responsible for coordination and validation of the results.

Automated Installation of Linings and Hatracks in the Cabin and Cargo Fuselage Section

Fraunhofer IFAM will build and provide the platform for integration and simulation of the sub-processes at Fraunhofer IFAM, Stade, Germany. This will include a cabin and cargo fuselage section with access area for the demonstration of the automated systems. With the support of Airbus, the Fraunhofer IFAM platform will allow the automated installation of linings and hatracks. The systems for automation will be integrated inside the fuselage and will be tested aided by VR and AR systems for human-robot collaboration. The platform provides interfaces between the systems. Fraunhofer IFAM is responsible for the final validation of the overall system.


Automated Assembly Process with Mobile Robotic System

Using the assembly area it will be possible to demonstrate the overall automated assembly process. The platform gives easy access for the mobile robotic systems and a near-to-reality environment for integration and testing of the different systems. The automation system developed for the cabin and cargo area will result in fast and efficient assembly of lining and hatrack parts with safe and ergonomic human-robot collaboration.

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