(Funding reference CFP03-LPA-02-13)

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CALITO – Cabin Lining Automation

Design for Automated Installation of Linings and Hatracks in Cabin and Cargo

Based on existing cabin and cargo interior parts and the connected fastening elements a redesign will be developed in respect to support fully automatized cabin and cargo installation.

Redesigned Lining Parts and Hatracks, as well as Innovative Fastening Concepts

Redesigned lining parts, hatracks, and innovative fastening concepts shall be developed to ensure plain handling during automated installation. A minimal number of bracket variants will simplify the line feeding process and the leveling and processing (linear ways of mounting) of the robot. Throughout all variants the reference points for leveling of the robot shall be equivalent. This will be achieved by a modular construction system of the fastening concept. First approaches of this concept were used in the BLC concept by SFS intec for A350 and will be optimized within this project. In this specific project of design for automated installation of linings and hatracks in cabin and cargo areas, Solvay will bring the material solutions that enables these components to be redesigned for example showing adapted lightweight profile for easy automatic handling.

From Guidelines up to Functional Testing

By working out the deviating requirements of an automated process in comparison with manual processes a guideline will be prepared. Based on this guideline first redesign concepts will be developed and with the help of simulation studies the concepts and working processes shall be evaluated. The applicability of the new design for an automated cabin installation shall be verified by functional testing. The parts therefore will be tested with existing automation technologies of the topic manager Fraunhofer and last modifications to the detailed design data and the parts will be carried out.

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