Description of the Organization/Institution

LinUp is an innovative StartUp created in 2015; the company was born with the aim of exploiting the experience acquired over the years in the world of engineering consultancy. Building on the engineering skills of manufacturing processes with IT skills, LinUp have designed new systems that allow machines, sensors and vision systems to supply and integrate information. Operators within working environments can wear these innovative systems.

Thus, HW and SW suites allow you to process analyse, optimize at a distance cost-effective business information with a worldwide distribution of costs. The strong structure content systems from the creation of a flow of expert skills acquired and constantly developed by the relationships between the work reality and the world of R&D.


Core Expertise

LinUp current research activities include:

  • Signal and Image Processing (acquisition, processing and interpretation of data 2D);
  • Design and development of tools for the analysis of data, for the selection of features, for decision support systems and optimization of process;
  • Assistance to the operator during the inspection phase with wearable device.



  • MAREA – Machine learning and Augmented Reality for Excellence in group Assembly (Italian National Project, 2017).
  • VISORE – Development of innovative vision-based systems for intelligent monitoring of aesthetical and dimensional quality of processes (Italian National Project, 2017).


Areas of Application

The main application field in which LinUp is actively involved is diagnostics and quality control for industry. It designs and develops flexible artificial vision system, which is quick to adapt to different types of process or product,

enabling the use of cameras and optical sensors for image acquisition, and the automatic search of geometric and aesthetic defects.




Via Ex Aeroporto, s.n.c.; c/o Consorzio Il Sole-Lotto X1
80038, Pomigliano D’Arco (NA) | Italy

Marco Belluci
Phone: +39 08 1803 6667

Mario Ricca
Phone: +39 33 1920 4856


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