Project Descriptions

ACCLAIM – Automated Cabin and Cargo Lining and Hatrack Installation Method 

ACCLAIM aims to automate cabin and cargo assembly processes for large passenger aircraft. The project will design new lining and hatrack parts as well as developing the connecting systems for the automated joining process and the automated systems for handling and installing those parts. Furthermore, the project work also includes development of virtual reality (VR) based assembly planning and an augmented reality (AR) process environment. The project ACCLAIM is led by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft who is responsible for coordination and validation of the results.


CALITO – Cabin Lining Automation

Design for automated installation of linings and hatracks in cabin and cargo

Based on existing cabin and cargo interior parts and the connected fastening elements a redesign will be developed in respect to support fully automatized cabin and cargo installation.


EURECA – Enhanced Human Robot Cooperation in Cabin and Cargo Assembly Tasks

The aerospace industry will be one of the main users to benefit from the Industry 4.0 revolution. Nowadays, most of the tasks required by the aircraft manufacturing industry are still mainly done manually, involving a very complex chain. Indeed, it is not trivial to have an effective scheduling of the process operations. Furthermore, some human activities are still done in non-ergonomic conditions, which is a critical aspect when dealing with safety on the workplace.


SIMFAL – Assembly Planning and Simulation of an Aircraft Final Assembly Line (FAL)

The main objective of SIMFAL project is to analyze, plan, and optimize automated assembly tasks of cabin and cargo interior parts with a coexistence of human workforce facilitating working places where workers are collaborating with automation systems and enhancing the total system (human and automation).


VISTA – Vision-based Inspection Systems for automated Testing of Aircraft interiors

The VISTA project aims to post-assembly testing of aircraft interior installations in both cabin and cargo units in order to ensure quality and reliability of located components. This goal will be pursued by the development and implementation of a multi-sensor platform and sensor processing algorithms, integrating on-board a mobile system and an interface for data transmission, able to provide efficient automated testing and quality reports.

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