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SFS intec GmbH, Aircraft Components

Description of the Organization/Institution

SFS intec Aircraft Components GmbH, with about 80 employees, belongs to the SFS Group which has its headquarter in Switzerland. The SFS Group has worldwide more than 8000 employees with more than 50 sites in over 25 countries. Inside the SFS Group the SFS intec Aircraft Components GmbH is the only and independent subsidiary in the aircraft business
with a product range of about 3.500 different parts and consolidated the long term experience of two leading experts in fastening systems. Since 2016 SFS intec has an engineering office within the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg to ensure close collaboration to its development partners, customers and test assemblies.

Core Expertise

The fast and secure implementation of newly-designed products as well as economical, high-quality mass production: these are the criteria against which SFS measures itself. The direct access to the diverse manufacturing technologies of SFS intec is key to provide significant added value.
As an open minded company, SFS intec GmbH developed the modular fastening system for A350 lining (BLC) and is constantly working on the development of new and innovative concepts for aircraft fastening systems.


As a partner in the aviation industry, SFS intec offer both: custom solutions and a broad range of standard parts. The products are used from the cockpit to the tail, and include the aircraft structure and cabin areas. The requirements for installation and fastening solutions vary widely and are optimally implemented by SFS intec: no matter the conditions. Whether in a confined space, in an area exposed to high mechanical stress, or extreme environmental conditions.

Some examples of the product portfolio of SFS intec, Aircraft Components: Latches and Keepers, Damped Panel Fasteners, Brackets, Receptacles and Barrel Nuts, Rivets and Tooling, Latches and Keepers, Mechanical Assemblies, Compartment Hatches, Locks and Hinges, Lightweight Fasteners, Silicone Components, Shock Mounts and Bushes, Decompression Catches, etc.

Areas of Application

As well-established bracket supplier does SFS have know-how and experiences in development of lining brackets as well as hatrack brackets. Current SFS fastening concept BLC (Bracket Logic Concept) for A350 contains
fastening concepts for sidewall panels, ceiling panels, PSU units, doorframe area, lateral and center hatracks.


SFS intec GmbH, Aircraft Components
Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 1
75382 Althengstett | Germany

Christian Hartwig
Phone: +49 7051 9265 0
Fax: +49 7051 9265 88
E-Mail: christian.hartwigl@sfs.biz


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