(Funding reference CFP03-LPA-02-12)


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Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione IT+Robotics PROTOM Group S.p.A. University of Padova



EURECA – Enhanced Human Robot Cooperation in Cabin and Cargo Assembly Tasks


Industry 4.0 for Aerospace

The aerospace industry will be one of the main users to benefit from the Industry 4.0 revolution. Nowadays, most of the tasks required by the aircraft manufacturing industry are still mainly done manually, involving a very complex chain. Indeed, it is not trivial to have an effective scheduling of the process operations. Furthermore, some human activities are still done in non-ergonomic conditions, which is a critical aspect when dealing with safety on the workplace.

Assembly of Aircraft Interiors with Human-Robot Collaborative Solutions

EURECA proposes a multirobot framework to innovate the assembly of aircraft interiors using advanced human-robot collaborative solutions. A pool of devices/frameworks will be deployed for teaming up with human operators in a human-centered assistive environment. Solutions will be peculiarly designed for addressing both the working conditions and the management of the cabin-cargo installation process, proposing: i) a Lightweight Mobile Arm (LMA), ii) an empowering robotic system, iii) a sensing solution for cluttered environments, iv) a software platform, called Application Assistant.

Robotic Framework Improves Physical and Cognitive Ergonomics as well as Productivity

EURECA has a high social impact since it is disruptive in the ergonomics of the work for the humans. The developed robotic framework is useful to improve both physical and cognitive ergonomics.

The economic impact of the EURECA project is also very important since it will improve the productivity of human workers of a factor at least equal to two. Moreover other industrial sectors could benefit from the solutions developed and provided within the EURECA project.

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Publication: On the Design and Control of an Empowering Manipulator to Increase the Capabilities of Humans in Industrial Applications


Publication: EURECA H2020 CleanSky 2: a Multi-Robot Framework to Enhance the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Aerospace Industry
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