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IT+Robotics is a spin-off company of the University of Padua. It was created in 2005 by professors and students working in the field of robotics on the IAS-LAB (Intelligent and Autonomous System Laboratory) of the University of Padua. IT+Robotics‘ mission is to use the latest results of academic research in the field of robotics to increase the flexibility of industrial processes.
As a spin-off organization, IT+Robotics works in close collaboration with the University of Padua, transforming the most recent academic achievements into easy-to-use and highly-reliable industrial solutions.


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Core Expertise

IT+Robotics has three main core competences. The first is a software framework for robot offline programming and 3D simulation (WorkCell Simulator), featuring motion and task planning algorithms based on artificial intelligence methods and vendor independent robot code generation. IT+Robotics has a strong know-how on the fields of machine vision and robotics applied to production processes.
The company is able to provide custom solutions for 2D/3D quality inspection and it is on market with several products: Smart Pick 3D and EyeT+ for random bin picking, Smart Check for completeness inspection tasks. IT+Robotics is connected with different partners around europe (e.g. Fraunhofer IPA). This asset, coupled with the capability of continuously innovate, allows IT+Robotics to be part of winning European Consortiums for several European Projects.



Smart Pick 3D is a software solution for random bin picking. It has been presented in 2009 and now currently used in several industrial plants.

Smart Check 3D is the software solution for quality inspection. Born in 2010 from the European research project 3D Complete, Smart Check 3D is particularly suitable for completeness inspection tasks, but can be adapted to any kind of visual based quality inspection.

EyeT+, presented in 2016, is a vision device for 3D reconstruction. The technology is based on laser triangulation, allowing to deal with object with different shapes and size with the same work cell.

WorkCell Simulator is a software framework for off-line robot programming. It aims to increases flexibility of production work cells by decreasing set-up time.


Areas of Application

The vision systems developed by IT+Robotics can be applied in any field, from automotive production lines to metal and plastic part manufacturing, from food & beverage plants to papermaking production.
The simulation solutions are mainly used by machine builders and system integrators for provide a simple way to program the machine/work-cell to the final user.



Via Prima Strada, 35
35129 Padova | Italy

Dr. Eng. Stefano Tonello
Phone: +39 049 807 5216


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